Will Smith and the Law of Attraction

Many moons ago….

Slightly over a decade and 25lbs of muscle ago I used to be a bouncer in Los Angeles.  The first job I acquired as a bouncer was at Gotham Hall on the 3rd street promenade in downtown Santa Monica.  Gotham Hall had a certain amount of prestige and was thus sought out as an ideal location to hold what are referred to in the film industry as ‘wrap parties’.  A wrap party is when the crew and cast are done filming the movie and have a party to conclude the hard work and time spent together during the filming.  I happened to be working at Gotham Hall during the time when they hosted the wrap party for the movie ‘Wild Wild West’ starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline.

As luck would have it they stuck me on the back door where I couldn’t see any of the celebrities for the party or have any fun.  After about an hour, however, something interesting happened.

Two black Escalades with tinted windows pulled into the alley and slowly began parking across from where I stood.  One man got out of the first truck and began directing whoever was in the second SUV into the tricky parking spot.  Then, the second guy got out and it was Will Smith.  I realized right off the bat that the first guy must be his body-guard or some such.  In any event, they crossed over to me and both shook my hand.  We talked for a few minutes during which time Will Smith gave me a hug and shook my hand not once, but twice!  I was in awe, not that I was in the presence of a celebrity, but that I was in the presence of a very humble, and down to Earth person who radiated pure goodness. It instantly changed my perception of celebrities and what it takes in this world to reach the pinnacle of success.  My new-found feeling was that a big part of the reason why Will Smith was so successful was due to the fact that he was simply a great man.  In fact, at the time I reasoned that this made up 75% of what made him so successful and the other 25% was his insane work ethic.

Will Smith speaks on the power of thought and Universal Laws

Recently (in the past 2 years or so) Will Smith has come out to discuss what it takes to be who you want to be in this world.  In his words he would much rather be ‘an idea instead of an icon’.  What he is referring to here is that he wants to represent possibility and the human potential.  His idea is that you create who you want to be in this world and you do it by deciding who you are first.  Will says, “I believe that I can create whatever I want to create.”  Will goes on to site that ‘ideas and thoughts’ are physical things in this Universe just like everything else.  Will believes that you create your own reality and he is willing to die for what he believes in.

Creating your own reality is the goal for those of us who can rise up to face our deepest fears and step into the spot light to become who we came here to be.  The first step is to decide who you are, not even who you want to be, but who you are.  What do you represent?  What ideal, mindset, action journey, concept, belief system, or goal is your defining characteristic.  You see, this is actually the most difficult part because it requires that you fully believe in yourself in order to make this decision.  In turn, that requires that you face your deepest fears and confront them head on.

Creating your own reality is your Divine Birthright and it’s the reason you came here.  You didn’t come here to run with the herd or to follow in someone else’s footsteps.  You came here to create your own reality and in your own way.

This is the time and now is the place!  Become a conscious creator by taking the first step to decide who you ARE now.

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.”-Will Smith

Christopher A. Pinckley

author of Reality Creation 101

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