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Creating Your Own Economy

The real question is; what is ‘economy’ composed of? Is it the finite resources, minerals, labor, and commodities that we can measure? Is it the nature of all things that … Continue reading

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High Level Performers Coaching Podcast

For those who don’t know, one of my little side projects is called High Level Performers Coaching or HLP. This is a narrative podcast giving details on how to become … Continue reading

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The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me

One of the greatest things to ever happen to me was that I became a writer. Now I don’t mean this was because I started writing or that I found … Continue reading

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High Level Performers Coaching (HLP) on SoundCloud

I’ve created two new Podcasts to go along with my latest book.  This is my narrative coaching show called ‘HLP’ or ‘High Level Performers Coaching’.  You can catch it on … Continue reading

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The New Book is Finally Out!

This will just be a quick update: I’ve been working on multiple podcasts as well as my new book Alive Awake Aware: Authentic Power Through Spirituality. “As a teacher who … Continue reading

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GEI41: Asara Lovejoy gives us: The One Command

Listen in as Asara Lovejoy reveals the secrets to the One Command and how it will change your life quicker than you can imagine! How total surrender can become your … Continue reading

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GEI42: Patricia Nolan-Brown; From Idea to Invention!

Patricia Nolan-Brown shares: How to research your idea to make sure no one else is doing it Who is best to approach with your idea Who to avoid when talking … Continue reading

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GEI40: Sacred Balance with Asha Ramakrishna

We are rejoined by one of our favorites, Asha Ramakrishna as she desecribes how to achieve sacred balance in your lives! Listen in as Asha reveals the 7 Sacred Principles … Continue reading

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GEI39: Founder of BNI Dr. Ivan Misner shares Secrets of the Masters

Dr. Ivan Misner shares the success secrets he has learned from interviewing some of the world’s most successful people. Wow, tune in for an EXPLOSIVE interview with Dr. Misner as … Continue reading

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GEI38: Penney Peirce talks about your Vibrational State

An awesome episode with visionary Penney Peirce! Penny shares: How to manifest without effort How to get into alignment with the emerging New World What is authentic joy vs. an … Continue reading

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GIE36: Allowing Greater Success with Brad Yates

I get to welcome back the EFT Wizard Brad Yates to ‘tap’ on ‘Allowing Greater Success!’ (This is actually episode 36, I goofed and called it 35) In this episode … Continue reading

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GEI35: What it takes to Create a Successful Culture with Marissa Levin

Listen in to this OUTSTANDING interview with Marissa Levine who is redefining what it means to be successful in today’s world! Marissa discusses: The proper way to view perceived ‘obstacles’ … Continue reading

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GEI33: Gail Baral discusses what a Business Coach is and Does!

Gail Baral is a business development coach and startup expert who helps ambitious dreamers become successful business owners. Gail shares: What does a Business Coach do? The top 3 problems … Continue reading

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GEI32: Sharry Edwards the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics discusses Sound Healing

Join us for a look into the future of healing with Sharry Edwards! What an absolutely AMAZING episode this was!  Here is what you can expect: How do you decloak … Continue reading

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GEI31: Discovery your Subconscious Money BluePrint with T. Harv Eker

Finally, one of my hero’s and distance Mentors T. Harv Eker is on the air with us! Outrageous!  Big H Diggity breaks it down, very simple! Hard work vs. Smart … Continue reading

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GEI30: Putting Profit First with Mike Michalowicz from MSNBC

Hey gang, ready for another wacky, zany ride with the author of ‘The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’?!  We’ve got the Boy Wonder coming up again to talk about his new book … Continue reading

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GEI29: Peggy Black shares her Morning Messages with us

Peggy Black, creator of the Morning Messages shares how she created a business around her passion! In one of the most heart-centered and profound interviews of all time, I get … Continue reading

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GEI27: A Heart Centered Approach with Dr. Deborah Rozman

Join us for a unique look into the future of business psychology and the evolved approach to Business of the Future with Dr. Deborah Rozman. Dr. Rozman shares some of … Continue reading

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GEI26: The In’s and Out’s of Angel Investing with Randy Williams

Randy Williams shares with us the latest trends in Venture Capital Randy share with us: The most powerful secret to his personal success as CEO of Keiretsu The importance of … Continue reading

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25: Chalene Johnson teaches us how to use Instagram to Market our Business

Wow, an action packed hour with Chalene Johnson!  And she even helped me how to pronounce her name correctly :) Chalene is here to Teach, a LOT! How to balance … Continue reading

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Rockstars3: How to build an Audience with John Dumas

Very excited to have the phenom of podcasting John Dumas on our show! John will be sharing with us: How to build an audience How to create loyalty The secrets … Continue reading

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GEI21: How to live an Exceptional Life with James Mapes

Extraordinary New Thought Leader James Mapes takes us on a journey to live an Exceptional Life! Wow, what an action packed hour with James! Learn: How to heal from anything … Continue reading

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GEI20: Quantum Gravitational Research with Klee Irwin

Klee Irwin is a brand new breed of Entrepreneur! Interviewing Klee was like interviewing…well…like interviewing a leading edge quantum physicist!  Klee surprised me by demonstrating an integral knowledge of all … Continue reading

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Connect2: Deep Origins with Amish Shah

Understanding the process of a Spiritual Entrepreneur Amish shares with us: The 2 BIG secrets to online business The best use of YouTube for business owners The Ancient Symbol for … Continue reading

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