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The Vital Importance of Avoiding Mental Entrainment: How HLP’s Safeguard Their Minds

In this episode of High Level Performers Coaching I explain the importance of avoiding mental entrainment.  This is when you allow your mind to be controlled by outside influences rather than maintain control. Your mind is your #1 tool in creating your life, your business, and your relationships.  You must safeguard your mind at all costs.

Creating Your Own Economy

The real question is; what is ‘economy’ composed of? Is it the finite resources, minerals, labor, and commodities that we can measure? Is it the nature of all things that are measurable and quantifiable on the planet? Or, is ‘economy’ composed of something else?


Although all high level performers are already aware of this, I would like to make a radical proposition to you. I would like to propose to you there is no such thing as ‘finite’ in our world. I would like to propose to you there is no such thing as an ending to anything.

Wait, hold on, let’s talk about this for a minute before you throw out all of your cumulative ‘data’ at me. Let’s take just a second to see if I can make any sense out of this crazy theory of mine.

First of all, let me clarify this is not merely my theory; this is the theory of many ancient cultures, religions, and doctrines throughout the ages. So, in essence, this is not new, nor is it original. However, it may be new to some of you, so I will explain the gist of it here.

Many of the ancient seers and great teachers throughout time have attempted to disseminate the idea that the world and the universe is just an illusion. That further, within this illusion exists a ‘matrix’ of sorts with which we interact. Our interactions within this matrix are actually dictated by the thoughts we think, most of which we are, of course, unconscious of. In other words, we are creating our experience of this illusory world we live in through the thoughts that we are unconsciously thinking.

Okay, so many of you have already heard this before, in one form or another, I understand. However, when you begin to meditate on this ‘theory’ and then compare and contrast it to our hard cold ‘reality’, you will inevitably begin to come to some conclusions.

Conclusion #1: Everything that we have ever said was physically impossible is now possible. Example: Human breaks the 4 minute mile, Air travel is possible in mass, Space Travel, Humans walk on the moon, Human breaks sound barrier, the atom is seen, the atom is split, an entire house can be powered through solar energy, computers are made available for every person, cell phones made available for every person, cars can run solely on electricity, salt water can be drank through desalination, one cubic centiliter of water can power an entire city for a year through cold fusion, space tourism is now available, the world now has almost 2,000 billionaires, and we elected a black president.

Conclusion #2: Every time we think something is going to come to an end, it either does not, or we come up with a better alternative. Example: The gas crisis of 1973 was turned around, the gas crisis of 1979 was turned around, the gas crisis of 2003 was turned around, the water crisis of 2012 was turned around, every energy crisis since time immemorial has been turned around.   Although the world was supposed to end many times, it did not. We did not destroy ourselves during the multiple nuclear missile crisis’s we had, the world did not end in 1989, 1999, or 2012, no WMD’s were ever found in any country, and there was no Y2K, ever.

Conclusion #3: For every act of cruelty or violence that we see on the news, there are at least 10 acts of generosity and kindness that happen unreported. The news, or ‘mass mind media’, makes its money off of bad things happening.   There is no money is reporting pleasant things because most people are not at the consciousness level to realize that their focus creates their reality. This is why people stop or slow down to look at traffic accidents as they are unconsciously feeding the need for pain within themselves. But, things like ‘man holds door for old lady who is struggling with cane’ or ‘little girl makes valentines for Iraq war veterans’ or ‘tiger population worldwide increases due to generous donations’ do not necessarily make the news. They only make the news if it is deemed that they will boost ratings or increase popularity of the news person providing it.

Conclusion #4: The curious tendency of things to happen in your life exactly the way you thought they would. Have you ever noticed that? The tendency of things to happen or occur in your life exactly the way you just ‘knew’ they would? Is this a miraculous ability you have? Are you actually psychic? Or, is there something else at play here? What is happening is that your beliefs create your reality and in the moments when you feel as if you were able to rather ‘predict’ the behaviors of others in your life, you are simply predicting the outcomes of your own beliefs about them. In other words, they are living up to the projection of your unconscious thoughts about them onto the matrix of your own reality.

You think I’m crazy? Yet, deep within yourself, deep within your consciousness, you are suspicious. Think about it. Think about all those times when people did things that you didn’t like. If you think about it and remember back to that day, that moment, you will remember having a ‘feeling’ that they were going to do what they did. So what does it mean? Does that mean you are responsible for their behavior? Not necessarily. You are not responsible for someone else’s unconsciousness. However, once you become conscious of the fact that you are unconsciously eliciting responses from people around you, it should make you want to take responsibility.


Because if you are unconscious of your thoughts and your thoughts are creating your reality, then you are not in control of your reality! If you are unconscious of your thoughts, and people continue to do things that you don’t like ‘to you’, then yes, you are responsible. Another way of saying this is that you are a victim of your own unconsciousness.

The way out is by doing what all high level performers have been doing since the dawn of humanity: take responsibility for your thoughts. Another way of saying this is to take responsibility for the reality that you are creating.

This means that you always have two choices in any given situation, at any crossroads: You can choose creativity and responsibility, or you can choose fear and unconsciousness. Or, you could say, be part of the problem or part of the solution.

High level performers are always part of the solution. This is because, while most people are watching the news, studying the ‘data’ provided to them by ‘other people’, high level performers are focused on creating solutions. High level performers do not plug into the mass mind matrix, instead they create their own programs to consciously input into the matrix. In other words, writing their own programs means that they write their own ticket. While millions of people study data about what’s not possible, high level performers only think about what IS possible. This state of mind means that they often accomplish things that most people never thought possible. Of course, a short time after it has been done, most people will say ‘it was only a matter of time before someone thought of it’. In this way the average person can continue to validate their own limiting beliefs about reality. Meanwhile, the high level performers are tapping into the true, endless source of all resources on the planet and in the universe at large: thought.

What do you see when you look at the world? Do you see poverty, crime, war, greed, famine, and overpopulation? Or, do you see creativity, abundance, and love? The answer to this question will dictate your reality until you shift your focus. Decide today that you will be part of the solution, part of the answer, and that you will do this by becoming conscious of what you are creating.


High Level Performers Coaching Podcast

For those who don’t know, one of my little side projects is called High Level Performers Coaching or HLP. This is a narrative podcast giving details on how to become what I refer to as a ‘High Level Performer’. Essentially, you could sum it up by saying this is the goal of anyone who has larger than life dreams and wants to achieve them.


This episode is about understanding the difference between having a Vision and having Pipe Dreams. Early on HLP’s differentiate themselves from the masses by creating and holding to a ‘Master Vision’. This is the larger picture of the outcome of all of their dedicated, focused efforts to create their dream and change the world. It’s good to understand the difference between visions and pipe dreams because one will lead you to achieve all of your goals by taking appropriate actions (even meditation is an action, yes?) and the other will have you day dreaming about an alternate reality.

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me

One of the greatest things to ever happen to me was that I became a writer. Now I don’t mean this was because I started writing or that I found my voice or that I was finally able to express myself. What I mean is that I became a professional writer and, as a result, had to undergo an intense spiritual journey that would challenge me in ways that I could not conceive of at the time. In other words, unbeknownst to myself, I had begun to walk the path of authenticity.alone-on-the-beach







When I was fourteen years old I fell in love with fantasy fiction as a way to escape the public school system. For me, school was absolutely torturous and I never fit in with any group. I had some friends here and there, but mostly I was on my own. During that time I found the power of the written word and its ability to project you into an alternate reality. I read book after book and was particularly enamored with Terry Brooks “Shannara” series which was similar to J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”.

I began writing at around age seventeen and focused primarily on my first love which was fantasy fiction. It didn’t get very far, but it was the beginning of a journey that would ultimately resume two decades later.

In an interesting twist of fate, the very thing that I used to escape reality would ultimately make me come face to face with it.

Years later I wrote my first book “Reality Creation 101”. It was a good book, but not a great book. It wasn’t the book that I originally set out to write, but of course I wasn’t ready to write what I originally set out to write. I needed to undergo further transformation. The confrontation with myself was one I did not expect: hiring an editor.

To this day I believe that being forced to hire and work with an editor was one of the very best things that ever happened to me. It forced me to face myself, to get over myself, to embrace evolution, and to ultimately become authentic. Sure, this is a vast oversimplification of a life path the likes of which would shock most people. Yet, I couldn’t have become an authentic spiritual writer without walking this insane path. I would have been inauthentic otherwise. The in-authenticity had to be burned away from me like an outer layer of residue like some form of an alchemical experiment.

Alive Awake Aware: Authentic Power Through Spirituality is the end result of this alchemical transformation and awakening into authenticity. It represents my desire to create something that can help people to awaken to their own authenticity and a departure from the ‘shiny object syndrome’. When I wrote this book my intention was to infuse every word and every line with that of consciousness itself. In my approximation, your life is a pathway upon which you continue to learn, grow, and evolve yourself. There is no destination, there is only the journey.

High Level Performers Coaching (HLP) on SoundCloud

I’ve created two new Podcasts to go along with my latest book.  This is my narrative coaching show called ‘HLP’ or ‘High Level Performers Coaching’.  You can catch it on iTunes or follow this link to soundcloud.  What’s fun about soundcloud is that you can comment and share it,e tc.


The New Book is Finally Out!

This will just be a quick update:

I’ve been working on multiple podcasts as well as my new book Alive Awake Aware: Authentic Power Through Spirituality.


“As a teacher who has had the privilege of sharing personal growth and evolution to millions worldwide, it is easy to recognize a kindred spirit when I meet one. Chris lays out a path to heightened spirituality that is easy to understand and follow for the first time seeker and experienced practitioner alike. He shares his wisdom in a way that makes positive change easy for all to achieve. His authenticity is his greatest gift.” – Laura Silva, CEO of Silva Life System

“Chris’ work is based on his deep experience and awakening process. It is thought provoking and integral, and covers many important yet often overlooked steps that people must take on the path of awakening . My hope is that it will motivate many people to connect more deeply within themselves and unfold who they truly are.” – Deborah Rozman, CEO HeartMath Inc.

” Christopher’s timing could not be better. The virtual world is invading every aspect of our lives. Not only do we need a Reality Check, but definitely we need to WAKE UP and become AWARE. Very few people have reached a level of awareness which make them catalyst for other people’s transformation. Christopher is one of them. I highly recommend reading this provocative book if you want to Move Up the ladder of awareness” – Dr. Rapaille, Author of the best seller CULTURE CODE. Chairman and CEO of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide

Alive Awake Aware is a detailed look at the topic of spirituality and consciousness which can help people understand themselves better, and can be used as a guidebook to help the reader discover and wake up on how they want to use spirituality and higher consciousness in their everyday life.  It also highlights the workplace and how both men and women need to wake up not only in their personal life but how they create in business. It is when companies, executives and employees become AWARE that they can impact change that businesses can change for the better.  Many company executives do not know that every decisions they make, whether they are conscious of it or not has ripple effect, positive or negative. Alive Awake Aware opens the reader to many possibilities that relate to the collective whole, not just one aspect of the human experience.” Nina Boski, Entrepreneur, Movie and TV Producer

“If you’re ready to peel back the layers of the onion then look no further.  Pinckley has the peeler ready for you, just need to be ready for what you’ll find.” – Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and NY Times Best Selling Author

“Groundbreaking, powerful, and thought provoking! Pinckley’s work will have you redefining spirituality. Read this book only if your desire is to learn what lies at the deepest part of your core.” – Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos International Bestselling author Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing TV& Radio Host:  Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod

“A good chunk of my limited amount of time is spent reading and studying anything I can get my hands on to make me better in every conceivable way that I can be.  So, I’ve read a zillion books on self development and spirituality.  I’m going to tell you right now, this book is one of a kind.  In fact, you might not be ready for it.” – Mike Michalowicz Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

“Another game changer from Pinckley! Sharing his own experiences and the resulting learned-evidence, he deliberately inspires a powerful awakening within the reader creating a bridge to help them integrate into their lives: tips, advice and support on a vast spectrum of topics that demonstrate how to harness the benefits. He shares intimately and first hand helping his readers into a deep dive of self exploration. Bravo!” – Beatrice Stonebanks, Business Development Specialist and Leader

“This books challenges the frame work of mainstream thinking and culture. A breath of fresh air for someone seeking a new perspective towards a colourful life.  A book to get your hands on if you want transformation of self. Grab it and grab your life once again” – Jeffrey Slayter Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

“There’s only one thing more powerful than thinking, and that’s rethinking.  Pinckley will have you doing that in this book.” – Frank Shamrock, MMA Pioneer UFC/StrikeForce Legend

“Alive Awake Aware is not just a book but a practical guide to unlocking your true potential by understanding and implementing power of your conscious and unconscious  mind, creating healthy boundaries, exploring your spirituality, defying your feminine and masculine energies, practicing authentic communication and integrating all of the above. A must read for anyone committed to a higher quality of life.” – Katrina Starzhynskaya, Author, Entrepreneur

“This remarkable book is a road map to the changing times in our planet. There is no question that we are evolving, and it can be a very confusing time for so many with conflicting teachings about how to approach life, relationships, our spiritual connection and our livelihood. Christopher has very intentionally and methodically laid out the key areas to focus on, and a fresh and approachable perspective on how to digest each piece without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. This book is going to be a part of my library collection of go-to resources, and required reading for all my clients. Thank you Christopher for creating this priceless gift to humanity.” – Asha – Spiritual & Business Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs

“Most people are simply not aware of the power they have to completely transform their own reality. This book will lead you down the pathway to uncover and reclaim your own inherent power through the timeless magic of sheer awareness.  Christopher Pinckley’s, ‘Alive Awake Aware’ is a manifesto that redefines authenticity. Read it, use it, live it.” – Gil Alan Spiritual Luminary

“Combining spiritual philosophies, ancient wisdom, and good old-fashioned practical truths, Christopher Pinckley has crafted a guidebook for anyone on a spiritual or personal growth quest. He opens the narrative reminding us that we are the directors of our own lives by choosing the path of “conscious intention.” Then he teaches us how to walk the path as spiritual beings while tapping into our main source of power — our own inner wisdom. As we learn to trust this wisdom, Pinckley reminds us that we have the power to heal ourselves, change our lives, enhance our relationships, and continue to evolve in awareness and compassion, using practical daily routines and strategies that he shares throughout the book.” – Barrie Davenport, author of Peace of Mindfulness and founder of Live Bold and Bloom.

Buy Now!

GEI41: Asara Lovejoy gives us: The One Command


Listen in as Asara Lovejoy reveals the secrets to the One Command and how it will change your life quicker than you can imagine!

  • How total surrender can become your gateway to freedom
  • How to get into the right Brain Wave State
  • Which states of mind can change beliefs, and which cannot
  • Tap into your Inner Power on Command!

Listen now on iTunes!

Asara Lovejoy has hit it big coming from down-and-out to generating over $3 million from her powerful idea – one that is so radical and new it is transforming every life it touches. The process in 6-easy steps reaches the greatest undiscovered power you have right within you with One Command and is transforming lives around the world.

Going from down and out, to reaching over 400,000 folks with her message of your undiscovered secret intelligence in her best selling book, The One Command: Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind Asara

says if I can do it so can you! Inspiring speaker, Internet marketer, and founder of The One Command© ExecutiveSuccess Coaching program, Asara Lovejoy is one of the most compelling voices to emerge from the self-help and human potential arenas in decades.

Her programs are practiced on every continent and translated in German, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian. Those around the world quickly responded to the new revelation in consciousness that Asara shares. She says, “You are hard-wired for success right within your brain, biology and DNA and in 6-easy steps and One Command we show you how to access that power.”

GEI42: Patricia Nolan-Brown; From Idea to Invention!

patricianolanbrownPatricia Nolan-Brown shares:

  • How to research your idea to make sure no one else is doing it
  • Who is best to approach with your idea
  • Who to avoid when talking to patent attorneys and agents
  • What to do to increase the chances of selling your product to a major buyer
  • The defining characteristics of a successful inventor


Patricia Nolan-Brown has been inventing and marketing problem-solving products for more than 22 years. Among her many inventions is a best-selling car seat mirror, sold internationally, which enables drivers to see infants placed in rear-facing car seats. She has sold tens of millions of products and holds multiple patents and registered trademarks. She is the author of Idea to Invention: What You Need To Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration which has hit #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 List.

Listen now on iTunes!

In addition to being a serial inventor, Nolan-Brown is also a consultant, video-blogger, and motivational speaker for widely diverse groups: from Fortune 500 CEOs to grade-school science-fair hopefuls. She has demystified the invention process for thousands of people and helped them convert their ideas into must-have merchandise.

Her business savvy and warm, humorous style have made Patricia a popular guest on radio shows from Austin to New Zealand, She and her inventions have also been featured in many newspapers and in national magazines and newscasts.

GEI40: Sacred Balance with Asha Ramakrishna


We are rejoined by one of our favorites, Asha Ramakrishna as she desecribes how to achieve sacred balance in your lives!

Listen in as Asha reveals the 7 Sacred Principles for Ultimate Transformation!

  • Learn how to tap into Sacred Feminine Wisdom
  • Understanding that you are a Seasonal Being
  • Asha finally shares the 7 Sacred Principles in THIS episode!

Listen on iTunes now!

Asha is a fun, spunky women’s empowerment spiritual teacher who I had the priviledge of interviewing.  She caught me by suprise by talking about how doing her own, painless homebirth was the gateway to her personal freedom and the cultivation of internal power.

Asha sheds light on what it means to be an empowered female entrepreneur in our newly emerging world!

Asha has a unique way of incorporating very esoteric concepts with practical tools. Her background as a Molecular Biologist and Business Mentor allow her to ground Spiritual concepts in a way that makes them accessible, logical, but still maintain the playful mystery of such a Path.


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